TALK! Speech Synthesizer

Talk-Icon-512Let your iOS device do the talking with TALK!

Simply enter a new phrase, then tap it to hear your device say it. It couldn’t be easier:

  • Tap the Plus Icon to add a phrase
  • Tap the phrase to speak it
  • Swipe a phrase to delete it
  • Edit phrases in the edit menu

Screenshot 2013.12.31 18.37.38 Screenshot 2013.12.31 18.37.53


  • save up to five phrases for free
  • unlock the full version to save unlimited phrases (in-app purchase)
  • choose from several voices with various dialects
  • change voice pitch and speech rate

Screenshot 2013.12.31 18.38.19Screenshot 2013.12.31 18.38.24COMING SOON

Here’s what we’re working on right now:

  • iCloud Integration
  • iPad Interface
  • re-order phrase feature
  • random phrase picker
  • timer feature


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