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Testing iOS 7 – SUCCESS!

icon-ios7Earlier this week we developers received early access to a beta version of iOS 7, due to be released later this year. I went ahead and installed it on one of my devices on Tuesday to check if our apps are still working.

As much as I love exploring new features and functionality, my biggest nightmare is that I try to run one of my apps and see that it doesn’t work.

Lucky for us, and to big relief, all our apps are built on standard UI elements, and I can confirm they’re all working very well without any modifications.


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Columbo: Version 1.1 has been approved

Columbo-Icon-1024Today we’ve relased a small update for our Columbo app which addresses the following issues:

  • fixed an issue that caused the app to crash on iPads running iOS 5.x
  • added missing pilot episode
  • fixed elusive double episode in season 6&7

Thanks to Drew for leaving a comment about the latter two issues on the App Store. Let us know if you find anything else 😉

In addition to those major issues we’ve made a few other improvements while the patient was under the knife:

  • new springboard icon (it now says COLUMBO)
  • removed “haven’t seen it” messages (less is more)
  • added link to cover images at the bottom of the screen in Books and TV Shows
  • moved trash can over to the left in preparation for search icon (coming soon)
  • Americanized “Murder is a Parlor Game” (Mrs. Columbo)

And speaking of cover images, I’ve also just uploaded those to our Microsite (those are the ones we weren’t allowed to include in the app).