MONK v1.5 has been submitted to Apple

I’ve just submitted the latest version of our MONK Episode Guide to Apple. With a bit of luck the new version should be available on the App Store in the next few days.

This version only has one new major feature, namely the long-awaited inclusion of Hy Conrad’s latest novel “Mr. Monk and the New Lieutenant“, a direct sequel to his previous novel, “Mr. Monk is open for business.

Sadly, this is the final MONK novel penned by Conrad, he said on his Facebook page a while back. Looks like the series has finally come to an end. What a shame!

Why it took so long for this update to come out

Conrad has finished the novel in 2015, so why did it take nearly two years for me to include it in this app you might wonder? And why have I done it now? Both very good questions.

The first time I’ve added the novel was back in 2015. However, when I submitted the app, Apple told me out of a sudden they had an issue with the artwork I’ve used. The App Icon in particular was apparently copyright protected, even though that didn’t seem to matter in previous updates since 2013. Wikipedia states that the previous icon only consists of geometric shapes, and therefore does not qualify to be copyrighted. It was clearly in the public domain.

They stopped responding to my pleads, so the update was stuck in App Review Hell and never made it to the store.

A few days ago I received an email from Apple, telling me that my app hadn’t seen an update in a while, and if I don’t do anything about it, the whole thing would be removed from the App Store within 30 days. So I thought, let’s make up a new icon and try this again – hence we now have a red logo with an arbitrary font that’s unrelated to the TV show. This allowed me to kill three birds with one stone:

  1. make Apple happy
  2. make Apple happy again
  3. add the missing Hy Conrad novel

Everything else stayed the same for now.

What’s next?

I’ll spend some time to make sure the app looks handsome on the upcoming iPhone X screen. It already works with iOS 11.1 (Beta 1), but to make sure the whole tall iPhone X screen is used I’ll have to do some tweaking and experimenting.

I’m going in for some major surgery this month, so it depends on how quick I’ll recover from that before the update will hit the store.

In the meantime, happy sleuthing!

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