Testing iOS 7 – SUCCESS!

icon-ios7Earlier this week we developers received early access to a beta version of iOS 7, due to be released later this year. I went ahead and installed it on one of my devices on Tuesday to check if our apps are still working.

As much as I love exploring new features and functionality, my biggest nightmare is that I try to run one of my apps and see that it doesn’t work.

Lucky for us, and to big relief, all our apps are built on standard UI elements, and I can confirm they’re all working very well without any modifications.


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Bond Tracker Update – Version 1.1 submitted

Bond-1024Today we’ve submitted a small update to our BOND app which addresses a couple of embarrassing typos that have found their way into the app:

  • Terence Young directed Thunderball, not Guy Hamilton
  • Daniel Craig probably won’t be playing Bond until 20012 (it was meant to say 2012)

Thanks to Eric Lloyd for telling us this in a review on the App Store.

The update was submitted today and with a bit of luck should be available this time next week.


Columbo: Version 1.1 has been approved

Columbo-Icon-1024Today we’ve relased a small update for our Columbo app which addresses the following issues:

  • fixed an issue that caused the app to crash on iPads running iOS 5.x
  • added missing pilot episode
  • fixed elusive double episode in season 6&7

Thanks to Drew for leaving a comment about the latter two issues on the App Store. Let us know if you find anything else 😉

In addition to those major issues we’ve made a few other improvements while the patient was under the knife:

  • new springboard icon (it now says COLUMBO)
  • removed “haven’t seen it” messages (less is more)
  • added link to cover images at the bottom of the screen in Books and TV Shows
  • moved trash can over to the left in preparation for search icon (coming soon)
  • Americanized “Murder is a Parlor Game” (Mrs. Columbo)

And speaking of cover images, I’ve also just uploaded those to our Microsite (those are the ones we weren’t allowed to include in the app).



FRASIER has been approved by Apple

KACL-Logo-1024Good News: FRASIER has been approved by Apple and is now available on the App Store.

As with some of our other apps, we are not allowed to distribute DVD cover images with this app as per Apple’s guidelines, but I’ve added a convenient method that lets you replace the placeholder images at the touch of a button. Just click on a picture and upload your own image – it’s as easy as that.

I am working on a screencast to demonstrate how this works so that you can make the app look like I had intended it to look when I first devised it.

We’ve already picked up some feedback and are aware of a few spelling and title mistakes – these have already been out in code and will be corrected with Version 1.1.

In addition I’m working on a new feature which will let you search all episodes by title. You’ll be the first to know when it’s live.


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