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iPad Icons Update

Photo Dec 26, 11 53 12 AMWe’ve just found out that when our apps run on iPads, no icons are displayed. That’s bad!

The following apps were affected – and have been fixed in these versions:

  • Columbo (v1.4)
  • Bond Tracker (v1.6)
  • Monk (v1.2)
  • Sherlock Holmes (v1.4)

This bug only manifests since we’ve started developing with Xcode 5 which handles App Icons and Startup Screens a little bit different.

I’ve submitted the new versions today, they’ll be available from the App Store in the next few days.

Another mystery is solved!

Monk – v1.1 released

51DpUWuQkJL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_And speaking on Mr. Monk, Apple have just approved the latest update which includes the following features:

  • added Hy Conrad’s upcoming novel “Mr Monk Gets On Board
  • brand new look on iOS 7 devices
  • beautified layout on 4″ devices
  • added 64 bit support (on compatible devices)
  • added in-app link to Cover Images (you can hide this in Settings)
  • verified compatibility for iOS 7.1 (still working under iOS 5.1.1 and better)
  • added super funky launch screen

Thank you so much for all those downloads and lovely reviews on App Stores around the world – keep them coming 😉 I’m glad to see that Monk is still so popular!

Hy’s new book will be out on January 7th 2014 – but you can preorder it already!

Mr. Monk: DVD and Book Covers now available

16 himself

As you may know, you can use your own images instead of the placeholder images we’ve provided on several of our apps, MONK included. We’ve done a bit of googling and prepared all DVD and Book Covers that will fit perfectly!

You can download them here.

Due to reasons beyond our control we are not allowed to distribute those with the app, but you can easily add them like this:

  • tap-hold an image and save it to your Photo Library
  • back in the MONK app, navigate to any episode of each season (the detail view)
  • tap the placeholder image and select one from your Photo Library
  • repeat for all seasons
  • enjoy!

New Monk Book coming in January 2014

You may have heard that the wonderful Hy Conrad is busy writing a new MONK novel which will be out in the new year!

And we’re currently working on an update which will include “Mr Monk gets on board”. Julia has it on preorder from already 😉

Monk and Columbo – FINALLY AVAILABLE!

Looks like Apple have a heart after all: both MONK and COLUMBO are now available on the app store!

I have changed both app names after Apple’s rejection and recommendation and did not have to re-submit new code to them. Both apps went into “In Review” status this morning and have been approved earlier today. In a few hours from now they shall be available in the app store search.