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Bond Tracker v1.5 – Jawohl, Herr Bond!

Bond-1024Gert Fröbe would have been delighted about the latest release of our Bond Tracker app! Not only have we given Mr Bond an iOS 7 facelift, we also translated the app into German. Das ist gut!

Here’s a list of everything that’s new in Bond Tracker v1.5:

  • added German translation
  • brand new iOS 7 UI (still works in iOS 5 and 6)
  • added 64bit support (on compatible devices)
  • improved user experience on 4″ devices
  • several minor bug fixes

It’s available as of right now from the App Store.

Poirot and Bond Tracker – v1.4 just released

Bond-1024In record time, Apple have just approved small updates in Bond Tracker and Poirot for iOS. Less than 18 hours after submission both updates are available immediately from the app store.

The new version addresses an issue that prevents the cancel button in the search feature from working under iOS 7. Other iOS versions are not affected.

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Bond Tracker – Version 1.3 released


Earlier this week Apple have approved a brand new version of our Bond Tracker App for iOS. As with most of the other reference apps we’ve added that brand spanking new top search function many of you have been waiting for.

This works great for those top secret investigations into 007’s past: hit the search icon and type in either a title, author or year – and up comes a list of related items. Click on one for more information.

It’s never been this easy for an agent undercover to get their hands on such a wealth of information.

Grab that update from the App Store today. Needless to say, it’s all 100% compatible with iOS 7 😉

Bond Tracker Update – Version 1.1 submitted

Bond-1024Today we’ve submitted a small update to our BOND app which addresses a couple of embarrassing typos that have found their way into the app:

  • Terence Young directed Thunderball, not Guy Hamilton
  • Daniel Craig probably won’t be playing Bond until 20012 (it was meant to say 2012)

Thanks to Eric Lloyd for telling us this in a review on the App Store.

The update was submitted today and with a bit of luck should be available this time next week.