Bond Tracker has been removed from sale

Yesterday we’ve received notice from the App Store that MGM have filed a copyright infringement claim against our app Bond Tracker for iOS. The notice did not mention anything specific, only that we’re using the Bond trademark in some kind of unauthorised way.

I suspect our app is not the only one affected, judging by the very many Bond apps on the App Store, many of which blatantly rip off quite clearly copyrighted material. We never did that: the logo is self-designed, book covers and move posters are there for illustrative purposes, and we make a point of letting users know that the copyright for all materials is not with us.

But tell that to the desk jockeys at large corporations: they genuinely do not want to know: even if fan made apps like ours connect other fans with their franchise. If it’s not “theirs”, then it can’t be anyone else’s either. Besides, we did not ask for MGM’s permission to make this app.

To avoid any further trouble, we have reacted immediately by removing the app from the App Store. Unlike Bond himself, our app will not return. Sorry 🙁

Bond Tracker for iOS was a fan favourite and ranked among the most popular we had on offer. Perhaps two years was a good run. I’d like to thank everyone who’s purchased and used our app during this time. I wish you peace and happiness!

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