Monk v1.5: The New Lieutenant is in town


Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 09.22.14I’ve submitted a new version of our Monk App to Apple today. The update includes the latest Hy Conrad novel Mr Monk and The New Lieutenant which was released today.

Nice going, Hy! Did you know we’re almost neighbours 😉

I must admit the update had been sitting on my machine since September, and as it frequently happens in life I forgot to submit it back then… oops!


Minor Changes

I’ve made two other very small changes while I was there: I’ve changed the font of the link to the cover images at the bottom of the list to set itself apart from the rest of the text (before it had the same font and I felt it looked a bit cluttered).

As before, if you don’t want need that link anymore you can hide it under Settings – Monk.

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 09.21.59

Why go through all this trouble? Sadly Apple won’t permit us to distribute the cover images for those books or DVDs with the app, so we’ll have to leave it to your good selves to source and add them manually. I know. Lame-o-rama.


Ratings Change

When I submitted an update to our Bond App in December it appears that the links to Wikipedia and IMDb are no longer classed as casual browsing, and Apple now sees this as “unrestricted internet access”.

It’s no biggie, but it does mean that the age rating of this app has shot up from 9+ to 17+ because potentially lethal content could suddenly be forced upon your eyes at any time, potentially poisoning millions of people’s minds. We’d like to avoid that at all costs. It’s a change I need to make in all our apps going forward. Just thought I’d mention it.


Final Thoughts

The new update is compatible with old iPad 1 devices and should run on anything from iOS 5.1.1 to iOS 8.2. Huzzah! It’s submitted now and should be available in the next few days from the App Store.

You can buy Hy’s new novel from Amazon (not an affiliate link) or visit his website and enjoy weekly mini-mysteries for free.

Until next time!

One thought on “Monk v1.5: The New Lieutenant is in town”

  1. Quick update on this update:

    Apple once again deem end it necessary to reject Monk version 1.5 due to a technicality: this time, there was concern about the Monk Icon I’ve used for both the splash screen and the App Icon since 2013. This was not a problem before.

    So I told the review team that the icon appears to be in the public domain, and hence fine for anyone to use for anything, and sent them this link from Wikipedia confirming this:

    That was on the 15th of January. A couple of days later the app has entered the “In Review” stage again. According to my research, if it takes any longer than a day or two at this stage, it’s Apple’s way of saying “technically there’s nothing wrong with your app, but we really don’t want it on the App Store anymore”.

    Let’s hope I’m wrong and they just have a lot to do over in Cupertino. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear anything about this matter.

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