Poirot – v1.5 released


The final air dates are here, and it’s time to make them available to all Poirot for iOS users. And as of this morning, the latest version of your favourite Poirot App is available on the App Store.

According to the Agatha Christie Newsletter there will be a special edition of Curtain featuring David Suchet as an ageing Poirot on the cover (see above). This tie-in is to be released by Harper Collins on the 7th of November. You can find more details here.

As of yet, we haven’t changed the interface of our app to utilise the new iOS 7 look and feel. It was very important to me to add all information before we effectively cut off users with older devices which cannot run iOS 7. Lucky for us all, this current version 1.5 will still run happily on iOS 5+6 and will always be available from the App Store, even if newer versions will require iOS 7 and later.

Enjoy the final three instalments of Poirot! You can get a season pass for Collection 9 from the iTunes UK Store.

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  1. I’ve noticed a small issue with air dates for the final episodes which I’ve duly corrected. Watch out for Poirot v1.6 – I’ve submitted it just now 😉

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