Poirot and Bond Tracker – v1.4 just released

Bond-1024In record time, Apple have just approved small updates in Bond Tracker and Poirot for iOS. Less than 18 hours after submission both updates are available immediately from the app store.

The new version addresses an issue that prevents the cancel button in the search feature from working under iOS 7. Other iOS versions are not affected.

I must admit that fixing this issue has caused me quite a headache, but thanks to Hungarian iOS developer Janos Homoki who offered his help in the Apple Developer forums this problem is history.

iOS 7 introduces a totally redesigned user interface which also caused an issue with our apps’ detail views (the one on which you press the IMDb or Wikipedia button). Thankfully though I found a way to leave our apps in “Legacy Look” mode so they work as they always have in previous versions. I’m talking more about this in my iOS Dev Diary.

We’ll have a look into updating the app to the latest look for future releases, but for now it’s important that they work when iOS 7 is released later this week.

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