Sherlock Holmes for iOS – Version 1.1

Sherlock-Holmes-Icon-1024Today we’ve submitted a new update for Sherlock Holmes which includes the following features and additions:

  • All New SEARCH FEATURE lets you quickly check titles across all books, short stories, TV shows and movies
  • added 3 new episodes of SHERLOCK (BBC)
  • added 12 new episodes of ELEMENTARY (CBS)
  • items now grey out when you’ve ticked them
  • removed some visual clutter from tables (less is more)

If all goes well the new version should be live this weekend.

When we first launched the app the third season of SHERLOCK (BBC) hadn’t been announced, so all those future episodes are now included. According to IMDb (and Mark Gatiss’ Twitter account) the episodes will air in November 2013. The title of the third episodes however hasn’t been announced yet.

As for ELEMENTARY (CBS) we were taken by surprise that the show was actually 24 episodes long! We had assumed that Christmas 2012 was the end of the first season – how wrong was that 😉 So we’ve added the remaining 12 episodes – which have already aired. Season 2 has been commissioned and we’ll keep the app updated as it starts this fall.

We hope you enjoy the improvements! If you have any news, questions or feedback as to what we should add to the app in the future, drop us a line – we’d love to hear your thoughts below.

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