Testing iOS 7 – SUCCESS!

icon-ios7Earlier this week we developers received early access to a beta version of iOS 7, due to be released later this year. I went ahead and installed it on one of my devices on Tuesday to check if our apps are still working.

As much as I love exploring new features and functionality, my biggest nightmare is that I try to run one of my apps and see that it doesn’t work.

Lucky for us, and to big relief, all our apps are built on standard UI elements, and I can confirm they’re all working very well without any modifications.


That’s not to say they can’t be improved of course, but with new features at our fingertips we now have to decide how to do this, and if we can retain iOS 5 compatibility going forward. It’s probably too early to answer this question just yet and a lot more testing is needed before we can make a decision in this regard.

For example, the search functionality – although the same in principle – has changed its appearance, along with many other elements in iOS. What’s working “OK-ish” on Frasier right now may not be the best way to proceed with the other apps when it comes to implementing search functions. We’ll keep fiddling and you’ll be the first to know if we can find a better way in future updates.

The good news is that the likes of Poirot & Co. are future proof as far as we can tell right now – that’s all that counts right now. Other developers are not so lucky from what I can tell…

To see the changes in iOS 7, check out Apple’s fantastic introduction at http://www.apple.com/ios/ios7

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    1. There aren’t any Windows tools to test iOS applications as far as I know. It’s all Mac only – sorry.

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