Monk and Columbo… rejected AGAIN!

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 20.14.54

I’ve just received word from my friends at Apple that they have rejected both apps AGAIN!

This time it’s not about the cover images I was using, but about the title of both apps.

Changing it from Columbo for iOS to Columbo Episode Guide for iOS was not enough to make them happy. They have suggested the following variations:

  • Episode Guide – “for Colombo”
  • Episode Guide – “Colombo edition”
  • Episode Guide – “Colombo version”

Notice how Apple (for the second time in regards to this matter) is referring to “the guy in the trench coat” as “the City in Sri Lanka”. But let’s not be as picky as… well Apple themselves.

I’ve decided to call them Episode Guide for Columbo and Episode Guide for Monk respectively. With a bit of “third time’s the charm” luck we’ll get there in the end.

Here’s hoping they don’t mind me leaving out the hyphen and double quotes… although you never know with Apple!

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