• iCloud integration keeps your journeys in sync on all your devices and across platforms
  • import and export your data with iTunes
  • add a new journey from the home screen
  • add a title and mileage for your journey
  • add route points on a map to remember where you went
  • check out how far your travelled in total (under Stats)
  • choose to display journeys in miles or kilometres

Free Version vs Full Version

Screenshot 2014.04.13 13.35.55The free version of this app lets you test drive most features. You can save up to five journeys in your Bike Tour Diary. The full version removes this limit and lets you store as many journeys as you like.

The export data feature (under Settings) is available in both versions, but restore is only supported in the full version. You will be prompted to buy the full version if you reach a limitation in the app.

iCloud is available in both versions.

How do I add a Route on the Map


On iOS, hold down and a Pin will appear. Draw another one and a line is drawn between them. Keep going to draw a complete route of your journey.

Use the “Remove last Pin” option to go back if you’ve made a mistake.


On Mac you can navigate the Map View with gestures on the track pad or your mouse, like you would in the Maps application.

To set a pin, hold down the SPACE BAR and click. A little Pin icon will turn dark when you can set Pins. You may have to click on the Map View first to make the SPACE BAR responsive.

To remove elements of your route, use Edit – Undo. Edit – Redo will bring them back. Alternatively you can use the familiar keyboard shortcuts CMD+Z and CMD+SHIFT+Z.

How do I backup and restore data

Screenshot 2014.04.26 11.59.45To keep your journeys safe I’ve added an import/export feature to the app. It works cross platform, so you can export iOS Tours and import them on you Mac and vice versa.

On iOS you can use iTunes to transfer your data to and from your devices.

To backup data on your iOS device, open the app and head over to Settings – Backup to iTunes. This will create a file called “BikeTourDiary.backup”.

On your computer, open iTunes and select your device in the list on the left. Select the Apps tab at the top, then scroll down to find the File Sharing section. Select Bike Tour Diary and find several files – one of which will be “BikeTourDiary.backup”. Either drag the file to your Desktop or click the “Save to…” button at the bottom of the window.


To restore your data back onto iOS, copy a backup file to the same folder in iTunes (either drag it into the window or select “Add to…” at the bottom).

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 08.30.52

Then open the app your your device, head to Settings and select “restore from iTunes”. All tours from the backup will now be added to any existing tours in your diary. This operation will not delete anything.

On Mac you can use “Import Tour Data” and “Export Tour Data” in the File menu. The file format is compatible with both platforms – but to import data on iOS the file needs to be called “BikeTourDiary.backup” – otherwise the device won’t recognise it.

How does iCloud work

overview_iconTo synchronise data between apps and even between platforms iCloud writes a log file to a folder that’s reachable on every device. When a new file is detected, it is automatically added to the device.

This happens automatically in the background and can take some time (or be very quick – it can appear temperamental). Sometimes your journeys may appear unsynchronised, or a tour is missing from another device. Give it some time, eventually iCloud will take care of it. If the problem persists, close down the app and reopen it (on iOS: double-tap the home button, then swipe up the screenshot to close an app).

This feature is only available on devices running iOS 7.

Changing Storage Options

You can switch off iCloud under Settings and use local storage instead. If you do, tours in iCloud are not deleted, but any tours on your device will be. If you don’t want to lose any current tours, please make a backup so you can import them again later.


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